Light artefacts from reflective surfaces in 3D imaging no longer an issue!

Get precision and stability from your 3D scans when working with a reflective surface!

SmartRay, manufacturer of the ECCO 3D Imaging Sensor series have worked hard to mitigate the complex challenges encountered when measuring shiny or reflective surfaces with their latest SDK, SmartRay’s SmartX firmware and software tools. SmartXtract tools use advanced reflection filter algorithms to reduce noise and improve 3D data quality for improved repeatability and accuracy. SmartX enhances the performance of the ECCO 95 3D sensor series, maximising its full potential for superior image quality, ultra-high accuracy and very high-speed scanning, meeting the performance demands of machine builders and OEM customers.

Unlike competitor technologies, which add extra software onto a sensor at additional cost and the risk of compromised measurement performance from the associated thermal interference, SmartRay’s unique firmware software configuration allows the ECCO 95 to deliver these enhanced capabilities while maintaining exceptional high speed and accuracy.

Find out how SmartXtract can help your application – take a read of SmartRay’s explanation on how to overcome the challenge of filtering reflection artefacts in 3D materials inspection.

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