Machine Vision Imaging Software connects to Microsoft Kinect for creative 3D Vision solutions

MVTec have cleverly tested the Microsoft Kinect sensor with HALCON 10. The Kinect is a vision sensor developed for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It combines an RGB camera with an infrared structured light depth sensor.

Due to the hardware independence of HALCON, it was possible to connect Kinect to HALCON by implementing a simple HALCON interface making use of the current beta version of Kinect’s open source driver. With HALCON’s standard calibration techniques, the depth image is transformed into metrical X, Y, and Z data. After this step, the whole functionality of the HALCON library is ready to be applied, especially all operators for 3D vision like the surface-based 3D matching.

HALCON has a vast range of 3D vision tools which is helping customers to develop new and creative 3D solutions to applications such as bin picking, packaging and pallet inspection.

If you would like to learn more contact Julie Busby on 01730 233332 or register to attend our free Technology Day, 24th March, where MVtec will explore the possibilities of HALCON 10 further.

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