Simon Hickman and many of our manufacturers talk Machine Vision technology and trends

Due to the current situation the UKIVA organisers of the MVC Exhibition where unable to open its doors to the general public but there is no need to miss out! The presentation are all available to watch on the MVC HUB. Register to view and keep yourself informed on all that’s new and upcoming in Machine Vision.

Here is a flavour of what can be found on the MVC HUB link….

Simon Hickman from Multipix Imaging presents – Discover Real Colour Imaging – the advantage of a modern multi-sensor cameras

Multipix will take you on a journey to discover colour, when using multi-sensor area scan and line scan cameras. Learn how colour space can be used for separation and feature extraction based on true RGB data. We will explore 3 and 4 sensor cameras encompassing visible and IR.

Jean-Marie Jolet from Euresys presents – Choosing the Most Appropriate Deep Learning-based Tool for your Application

Reviewing classical deep learning-based tools such as classifiers, segmenters (semantic, as well as unsupervised), and objects detectors. Focusing mainly of their advantages and drawbacks, Euresys will explain how these tools meet typical requirements of machine vision applications, and how to choose between them.

Dr. Antje Aufderheide from MVTec presents – Anomaly Detection Based on Deep Learning

MVTec’s deep learning based anomaly detection significantly facilitates the automated surface inspection for, e.g., detection and segmentation of defects. The technology is able to unerringly and independently localize deviations, i.e., defects of any type, on subsequent images. You only need a low number of high-quality images for training because defects of varying appearance can be detected without any previous knowledge or any preceding labeling efforts. Training a new network can mostly be done in a matter of seconds, allowing users to perform many iterations to fine-tune their application without sacrificing a lot of precious time!

Andrew Searle from IO Industries – New High-Resolution, High-Speed Cameras with CoaXPress-over-Fiber Outputs

The Redwood™ family of industrial video cameras from IO Industries push the boundaries for high-resolution industrial and scientific imaging, wide area observation, virtual reality content creation and special effects.  The first model released is the 654G71-CX, based on Gpixel’s GMAX3265 65.4MP global shutter CMOS image sensor.  Maximum output of this camera is 9344H x 7000V @ 71fps over a quad CoaXPress 2.0 coaxial interface or the new CoaXPress-over-Fiber interface.

Paritosh Prayagi from JAI presents – Customised multispectral cameras: Making spectral imaging viable for mainstream machine vision

Multi-sensor prism cameras offer significant advantages for colour imaging. With the traditional machine vision industry merging with intricate measurement technologies; consistent, reliable, high-fidelity colour and spectral imaging are playing key roles in industrial quality control. In the midst of this convolution, high speed prism-based technology realizes the true potential of imaging metrology due to its unique advantages and capability of the prism block to spectrally adapt to the needs of an application.