Multipix Imaging become Members of the Irish Manufacturing Research Centre

Multipix Imaging are delighted to announce they have become members of the IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research) Centre, kicking off their partnership with another successful Multipix ‘Wise Up’ event. Introducing their Ireland guests to Machine Vision and latest technologies.

The IMR are spearheading Ireland’s progress as a hub of excellence and seeking to share their passion for advanced manufacturing in Ireland.  Vision components playing an important part in today’s inspection solutions, as industrial cameras become the eyes for powerful inspection software, Multipix Imaging has perfect synergy with the IMR.  Julie Busby, Director, Multipix Imaging continues;  “It’s an exciting time for Machine Vision as new methods of 3D imaging create the potential for vision solutions that simply did not exist before, along with Embedded technology which is being more deployed as the possibilities it can bring are realised.

Multipix have had strong presence with major Irish manufactures for many years and becoming Members of the IMR allows us to play a part in shaping the future manufacturing capabilities of Ireland.  We are very much looking forward to working with and supporting the IMR.”

More about the IMR:

The Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) is an independent manufacturing and industrial energy efficiency research centre focused on delivering solutions for the manufacturing ecosystem throughout Ireland.

As an independent research centre, the IMR offers manufacturing industry a unique environment to collaborate with peers across all manufacturing sectors, and to inform and guide manufacturing research that not only addresses industry problems but also visions for future factories.

They are a cross-sectoral research centre with partner companies in semiconductors, ICT, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, energy services, aerospace and other areas. Working closely with academic, Government and industry partners, and through bringing this cross-sectoral interaction around one table, they establish best in class knowledge and behaviours as the starting point for future research. Through pilot projects embedded in company facilities, IMR research has demonstrated productivity improvements and efficiency savings opportunities in excess of €20M for member and partner companies. It has achieved this through delivery of enterprise-ready solutions in areas such as schedule optimisation, operations simulation, metrology, HVAC commissioning and energy-efficient production. They are open to all levels of collaboration with Irish-based SMEs and large/MNC manufacturers.