MidOpt Neutral Density Filters Reduce Light Intensity Without Affecting Colour or Contrast

Neutral Density Filters, as Midopts say are “sunglasses for your system“. Designed to reduce light intensity neutrally over a specific wavelength range without affecting image colour or contrast. They also serve as a great solution for lens aperture control and reducing depth of field.

Neutral Density Filters are available in both absorptive and reflective style options and can be used with monochrome or colour cameras. These filters have male and female threading, so they can easily be stacked to test various optical densities.


• Superior parallelism and surface quality
• Available in various optical densities
• UV/VIS/Near-IR
• Used with monochrome or colour cameras operating in the visible and/or Near-IR spectrums
• Includes identical male and female filter threads on either end for stacking
• The sum of the optical density of two or more filters stacked together equals the total density
• Ni filters are unique in maintaining exceptional spectral neutrality over the full visible-to-nearIR
range while greatly limiting undesirable back reflections over that same range.
• Excellent parallelism, optical flatness and surface quality
• Custom densities available upon request]

These filters have many uses, from light saturation and reduction, shallow depth of field to outdoor aerial imaging.

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