Missed your chance to see Photoneo’s award winning 3D Bin Picking Studio first hand?

Well fear not, here is a review of Multipix at PPMA 2021!

It’s been a long time coming

PPMA finally returned in September and Multipix were very pleased to demonstrate a truly powerful 3D Bin Picking System. The past couple of years have been hard on everyone, especially our Vision Specialists who have been itching to get back out and see you all again.

Whilst the endless cycles of lockdowns stopped all of us from being able to attend shows and visit one an other, this did not stop Multipix from being hard at work on a very special collaboration with Yaskawa utilising the award winning 3D Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo.

Visitors of the PPMA show got to see this outstanding solution in action on the Multipix Stand, showing how robust and adaptable a true 3D system can be.

The 3D Bin Picking Studio system demonstrated is scalable across a range of cell sizes with point cloud resolutions down to tens of microns. The easy and intuitive web-based configurator makes set up feel seamless and enables fast deployment of your Bin Picking Solution.

Choose your robot brand and model, select your gripper and 3D scanner, load your CAD files and plan out your picking path. The web-based interface has revolutionised the way in that you set up a bin picking system, visualize, validate and view your picks in real time.

We understand that Cost and Time Saving is more important than ever before, our Vision Specialists are on hand to discuss your requirements and see how Multipix can ensure you have the best possible product for the task at hand.

Want to find out more about how this Bin Picking Solution can help maximise your production?