MotionCam-3D Colour Unboxing

Unboxing the MotionCam-3D Colour with Sam Del Greco from the IMR XR Lab

We have been so excited to get hands on with the MotionCam-3D Color since it was announced by Photoneo, but we couldn’t keep it to ourselves for long! Once it arrived and we had a play with it, the camera was boxed back up and was sent back out the door the very next day to the Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) XR lab.

Our good friend Sam Del Greco had been waiting for a very, very long time for a product like this to come around, why? This camera and technology should seriously reduce the time it takes to go from real world object to Virtual Asset (for use in XR applications – VR/AR).

This is the first of many chapters in the journey of how the MotionCam-3D Colour can be used in XR applications and we can’t wait to see the results Sam gets! Stay tuned for more and subscribe to our news letters to keep up to date.