The Multipix 300N Barcode Verifier Package

The Multipix 300N Barcode Verifier Package– Ready to verify your barcode in minutes

The Multipix 300N Barcode Verifier Package is a combination of Datalogic’s world leading barcode technology, bought together for the sole purpose of checking the correct barcode is applied to a product. Based around the highly successful Matrix 300N, an ultra-compact image based barcode reader, designed to work at high speed and utilises the new powerful DL.CODE software. The Matrix 300N combines a high resolution 1.3MP sensor with ultra-fast 60 frames per second image acquisition.

This simple, easy-to-use solution has only 3 steps

  • Step 1:  Scan the reference barcode with the Datalogic Powerscan PD950 hand held reader
  • Step 2:  This barcode code is automatically sent to the Matrix 300N fixed scanner
  • Step 3:  The Matrix 300N then reads the barcode on the product as it passes down the conveyor, triggered by a Datalogic S8 sensor.

The Matrix 300N confirms the product has the correct barcode label. Alternatively it will warn ‘wrong barcode’ or ‘no barcode’ !

Results can be output as serial strings or to PLCs to directly control the production line. The choice is yours!

Cost effective and ideal for Processing and Packaging, Automated Warehouse and Food & Beverage applications.

Don’t overcomplicate your barcode verification – take a look at the Multipix 300N Barcode Verifier Package today!

Multipix Imaging, are approved ‘Quality Partners’ for Datalogic, contact us to demonstrate the simplicity and ease-of-use of this solution.

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Read more about the components of the Multipix 300N Verifier package here.