In 2012 we celebrate 15 years of vision excellence. During this time Multipix has gained a reputation for superior service and support, remaining a privately owned company with the commitment to educate and support the machine vision industry. As from day one, the aim is always to improve the UK’s productivity and efficiency with the use of vision, whilst simultaneously promoting innovation.

Multipix offers a complete range of industrial vision components for today’s demanding applications and highly experienced support to ensure our customers achieve exceptional results. This includes cameras with latest digital camera interfaces like GigEVision and USB 3.0 which are very affordable and highly supportable; CameraLink and Coaxpress cameras offering very high resolution combined with very high frame rates. There are also cost effective frame grabbers that ensure data integrity to PC memory where image processing libraries are used to create powerful 2D and 3D vision solution. Smart cameras to complex PC solutions, Multipix are here to supply and support.

With ISO9001 accreditation, part of the on going commitment is that the management continually reviews procedures, ensuring development of skills and maintaining standards to achieve operational excellence that benefits both Multipix Imaging and our customers.

Machine vision manufacturers join in the celebration by commenting:

“More than twelve years ago, Multipix and MVTec entered into a business and personal relationship which since then have been deepen and broaden in many ways. We highly value Multipix’ excellent competence to address the needs of the machine vision vision market in the UK. MVTec thanks and congratulates Multipix to its 15 years anniversary. From our point of view, Multipix is the best partner to promote MVTec software products in the UK”, says Dr. Olaf Munkelt, Managing Director of MVTec Software GmbH.

“Multipix combine a professional and passionate team of staff with the ability to offer extensive value add to image processing applications. Along with their comprehensive market access within the UK, Multipix are a great vision partner for Basler” comments Herfried Beckdorf,  Head of European Sales, Basler VC.

“Two words come to mind as you celebrate your 15th anniversary:  Excellence and Professionalism.  Thank you Multipix!”  adds Andrew Sharpe, President, IO Industries