Multipix launch Toshiba Teli Industrial Camera Range

Multipix Imaging is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Toshiba Teli. The camera technology from Toshiba Teli offers unique features which perfectly complements the product portfolio of Multipix. There is also scope for customised cameras which enhances the appeal of Toshiba Teli to many customers.

“Multipix was a very successful partner for Toshiba Teli over 20 years ago with analogue cameras and now we are very proud to be partnering with Multipix again with the newly released digital camera range of USB3, GigE, CameraLink and CoaXPress. The company has in depth experience and strong representation for offering high expertise technical support across a wide range of industrial markets in UK/Ireland” Shunsuke Oka, Toshiba Teli, Sales Manager.

“We are excited to be working with Toshiba Teli again. They are a professional and enthusiastic manufacturer who values the experience and knowledge Multipix offers and together we will create a synergy that benefits the machine vision industry. With over 70 years in the industrial camera market, Toshiba Teli are a highly respected technology company and we look forward to sharing this with our customers”  Julie Busby, Managing Director, Multipix Imaging.

The Toshiba Teli cameras are feature rich and offer unique technology based on the Teli IP Core. Whereas many camera manufacturers use third party chipsets requiring a combination of CPU and firmware, the Toshiba Teli design is based purely on FPGA hardware; camera response time to commands is up to 100 times faster than standard machine vision cameras!

Benefits of Teli IP Core include:

  • highly sophisticated sequencer to change camera parameters on the fly
  • bulk triggering – one external trigger sets off a series of internal triggers
  • real-time camera control via software negating need for GPIO cabling

Learn more about the Toshiba Teli range