Multipix reveals exciting times ahead!!

As Multipix review two cameras from HIKrobot – we feel it is worth some words to introduce this exciting company to our customers.

HIKrobot is a global manufacturer of mobile robots and machine vision products and is committed to leading the intelligent manufacturing process. With over 1000 employees across the world, of which 800 are R&D engineers, HIKrobot is destined to be a significant name in the world of machine vision and automation.

Through rigorous EMC, safety, and reliability tests, HIKrobot guarantees the high precision, high efficiency and high environmental performance of each product. The machine vision cameras available from Multipix Imaging are offered with a 3 year warranty.

So, now to look at a couple of cameras from the CE and CA range.

The MV-CE020-10GC is a typical example of the CE range where most cameras are based of high-performance rolling shutter CMOS sensors. In this instance, it is the Sony Starvis IMX290 which unlike the front-illuminated-type image sensor, the image is acquired through the back side where there are no obstacles such as wiring or circuits, so a wider range of light is collected on the photodiode, achieving high sensitivity.

The MV-CE020-10GC is a colour GigEVision camera with 1920×1080 pixels and features include;

  • Excellent light sensitivity & response under low illumination condition
  • Max frame rate 58fps, which can be increase by ROI.
  • Embedded outstanding ISP functionality
  • 2.9 ?m pixel size
  • Alternative to cameras based on Aptina MT9P031 & AR0134 sensors

The second camera we are reviewing here is the MV-CA016-10Ux, from the HIKrobot CA range of cameras which are based in global shutter CMOS sensors. In this case, the highly popular Sony Pregius IMX273, which is a 1/3” sensor with a resolution of 1440×1080 pixels.

One major benefit of Pregius is high-quality imaging at high speeds. Sony concentrated on producing CMOS sensors with the image quality of CCD and Pregius has been a triumph. This technology has enabled high-speed, high-precision, machine vision-based imaging on a new scale of price vs performance.

The MV-CA016-10Ux is a USB3 Vision camera in mono or colour (GigE Vision is also available) offering 166fps at the full resolution of 1440×1080, with 3.45micron pixels making lensing an easy choice. In fact, the HIKrobot HF-E range of lenses are the Perfect Partner!

The MV-CA016-10Ux cameras are available to buy online from Multipix, head over and check them out!