MVTec To Host Deep Learning Technology Days

Are you an MVTec HALCON user interested in the trend topic deep learning? Are you curious about how to put HALCON’s deep learning technologies to use? Would you like to know what deep learning can accomplish within your application?

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then MVTec are hosting multiple “MVTec Technology Days – Deep Learning”.

On the 8th and 23rd May 2019, MVTec will be running two seminars which will prepare HALCON users for the implementation of deep learning. The seminar covers the fundamentals of deep learning based on the deep learning technology classification. Participants will also get a first insight into HALCON’s brand new deep learning technologies object detection and semantic segmentation.

Each seminar is a stand-alone one-day event. Three MVTec trainers will work with a small group of a maximum of 20 people on the following topics:

  • Introduction to HALCON-specific basics in deep learning
  • Background knowledge about deep learning in industrial machine vision applications
  • Best practices for setting-up one’s own deep learning applications
  • Programming of one’s own deep learning application “hands-on”
  • First insights into the advanced deep learning technologies object detection and semantic segmentation
  • Outlook on the further development of deep learning technologies in MVTec HALCON

Event overview:
? Dates: 8th or 23rd May 2019
? Address: Design Offices Arnulfpark, Luise-Ullrich-Straße 20, 80636 Munich
? Time: 10 am to 5 pm
? Language: English
? Registration deadline: 26th April / 10th May, 2019
? Cancellation: free until registration deadline

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