Basler have now introduced their new 1-inch C Mount TS MP lens series. These competitively-priced lenses are designed to fit optimally onto your Basler ace cameras with 5 MP PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor and 4 MP CMOSIS sensors. This new combination provides you with an optimal price/performance ratio for a powerful 1-inch vision system, taking advantage of the benefits of CMOS cameras and the new lens series.

A quick overview of the technical benchmarks for this new 1-inch TS MP lens series:

  • Focal lengths from 8 to 50 mm
  • Minimum working distance between 0.1 and 0.5 m for your Machine Vision applications
  • Aperture can be configured to open between F1.4 and F16

Optimised for the following Basler ace cameras with 5 MP PYTHON and 4 MP CMOSIS sensors:

  • acA2500-60um
  • acA2500-60uc
  • acA2500-20gm
  • acA2500-20gc
  • acA2040-90um
  • acA2040-90uc
  • acA2040-25gm
  • acA2040-25gc
  • acA2040-180km
  • acA2040-180kc

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