New framegrabber allows to double CameraLink cable length

The Grablink Full XR – where XR stands for eXtended Reach – is a new Euresys Camera Link frame grabber featuring ECCO+. In many cases, ECCO+ allows the Grablink Full XR users to double the maximum length of the Camera Link cables used, thus making the use of a repeater unnecessary.

On top of skew compensation, ECCO+ features an advanced signal equalization technique to restore the Camera Link signal integrity. Available on the Grablink Full XR only, ECCO+ further stretches the capabilities of the Camera Link standard.

In addition, the Grablink Full XR supports Camera Link 2.0 configurations, from the 80-bit to the Base configurations. This frame grabber is compliant with PoCL SafePower.

This high-end acquisition board offers an outstanding acquisition solution for high-speed and high-resolution area-scan and line-scan applications such as printing, web and Flat Panel Display inspection, 3D inspection and manufacturing inspection for fast production lines.

Take a look at the datasheet