New Leimac lighting for Machine Vision applications

Leimac, specialists in lighting for Image Processing and Factory Automation announce their new products including;

Full-Colour RGB Lighting with IMAR-RGB & IDDA-KH RGB Series

A line-up of ring and dome lighting with full colour RGB providing optimal colour options.

Super Strobe Light with ISS Series

Achieving industry-leading levels of illumination with up to 8 million lux!  Useful in high-speed applications.

Advantages include: fast inspection speed, short exposure time, aperture reduced and depth-of-field increased.

Infrared Coaxial Spot Light with IHVE-21IR-1100

Ideal for inspection of silicon wafers.  With infrared wavelength of 1100nm that transmits through silicon.

Take a moment to look through the range of Leimac lighting. Our Machine Vision Technology Specialists have a great deal on knowledge regarding illuminating your vision project correctly, call 01730 233332 to discuss further.