Rejuvenated Functionality With marathon

The marathon series is Silicon Software’s answer, part of the Basler Group, to the new generation of frame grabbers for fast digital camera interfaces, with latest gen Xilinx FPGA Kintex 7 processors allowing functions to be executed directly on the frame grabber in real time.

Thanks to 2nd gen PCI Express x4 and DMA1800 technology from Silicon Software the marathon series can maintain transfer speeds of 1.8 GB/s for consistent data flow.

In addition to many of the same benefits as the ironman series, the marathon series includes:

  • Camera Link HS in addition to Camera Link and CoaXPress
  • Longer cable lengths, ideal for more remote applications
  • Xilinx FPGA Kintex 7 series 2nd processor
  • VisualApplets support for easy programming


Silicon Software’s existing and highly successful mE 5 ironman series also now includes both CoaxPress and CameraLink versions, enabling fiber optic connections and coverage of all high-speed digital interfaces.

Characterised by consistent transfer speeds of 3.6 GB/s the ironman series comes equipped with 1GB (A-series) or 2GB (V-series) internal memory, a powerful Xilinx FPGA Virtex 6 series vision processor, configurable trigger/digital I/O connector and a power over Camera Link/CoaXPress.

Programmable versions are supported by Silicone Software’s VisualApplets suite to allow the easy implementation of complex algorithms for real-time image and data signal processing. Perfect for Machine Vision applications.