Everyone has at one time or another bought a seemingly pristine piece of fresh fruit, only to discover pressure damage on it the next day. These blemishes often enrage consumers, who feel cheated because they can’t see the problem in advance. Fruit and vegetable producers want to offer consumers flawless products. Their only hope for this is inspecting for hidden bruises on the inside of the fruit as well.

NIR cameras are a strong tool in detecting damaged spots under the peel that are invisible under normal light. Cameras equipped for this application can be integrated into sorting lines to help sort fruit more effectively into different quality classes. For end consumers, the benefits are clear: Fruit that looks as good at home as it did in the store.

Basler are now offering special ace camera models with NIR-optimized sensors for this type of application.A breakthrough in CMOS technology makes it relatively easy from a technical standpoint to produce sensors with heightened sensitivity in the near-infrared range above 850nm, all at affordable prices. The boosts to NIR sensitivity in these CMOS sensors comes thanks to a novel manufacturing method. The thickness of the substrate film on the sensor chip is increased compared with the parameters on normal monochrome sensors. Thanks to the new CMOS technology, more and more of this new generation of industrial cameras with very good sensitivity are entering the industrial machine vision market.

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