Unlocked Deep Learning With Open eVision

The easy way to compile Deep Learning code

It’s a a topic on everyone’s minds when it comes to the future of machine vision. Deep learning offers the ability to interpret and act upon image data which is critical for intelligent solutions across a huge range of industries, with the key to unlocking its potential being the right software.

Open eVision from Euresys features a range of hardware independent software libraries designed for use across a huge range of framegrabbers, USB3 and GigE vision cameras. The aim is to provide sub-pixel accurate and easy-to-use image processing capabilities no matter the industry or set up.

Euresys have put together a Deep Learning Bundle of three new libraries specifically focused on utilising deep learning: EasyClassify, EasySegment with EasyLocate available soon. As their names suggest, these two currently available libraries focus on streamlining image classification and segmentation required to train the required Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) required for deep learning algorithms. EasyLocate will offer even more advanced functions, such as bounding box localisation for identifying defect positions and each separate defect in an image.

Each module is utilised within the Euresys Deep Learning Studio (DLS), their free and easy to use application so you can train and test your classifiers. The DLS has advanced features such as label weighting, region of interests for use alongside masks, model validation and more. It also has support for multiple GPUs and Windows 32/64 bit.



  • Includes functions for classifier training and image classification
  • Able to detect defective products or sort products into various classes
  • Supports data augmentation, works with as few as one hundred training
    images per class
  • Compatible with CPU and GPU processing




  • Unsupervised mode: train only with “good” images to detect and segment
    anomalies and defects in new images
  • Works with any image resolution
  • Supports data augmentation and masks
  • Compatible with CPU and GPU processing, GPU recommended




  • Bounding box based localisation
  • Differentiate between unique defects and their position
  • Count total number of defects


Right now you can have access to EasyClassify and EasySegment at a great price, with even better value volume licensing also available. When EasyLocate is ready for release you will have receive it for free as part of your existing license. Simply get in touch with us and our sales team will be happy to help you decide if the Deep Learning Bundle is right for your application.


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