The importance of Optimising throughput with Machine Vision Lighting

ProPhotonix explain the importance of Optimising throughput with Machine Vision Lighting in their latest White Paper.

One of the major issues within machine vision systems is the use of inappropriate or poor quality lighting, this can often result in longer processing times and reduced throughput. However, by carefully selecting the optimum illuminator positive results can be achieved, defects are detected quickly and easily, increasing quality, reliability and yield.

It is always advisable that an optimum illumination study is conducted when setting up a vision system, and that it should be considered where images are not providing sufficient contrast – contrast being the ability to distinguish the difference between features of interest and the background. Ensuring that the light source is of a suitable brightness is critical as it can result in faster processing times, faster line speeds and higher quality products. When optimising your throughput, there are several factors that first need to be taken into account. These include the quality, speed, safety, cost and cost benefit– the foremost of which is quality.

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