Opto Engineering flexible Motorised Macro Zoom lens

Flexibility is covered by the MCZR motorised macro zoom from Opto Engineering, an advanced unit able to switch between four different magnifications while keeping the subject properly centered and focused. The ideal solution if you have to check items (or features) of different formats on the same production line.

MCZR series are multiple-magnification optical systems which combine high resolution imaging with the flexibility of object format changing. Unlike conventional zoom systems, MCZR have been specifically designed to work as MACRO lenses while the optical system ensures the same optical performances of very high-resolution fixed focal lenses.

The device can be both automatically and manually set to one of the four available magnifications; this opto-mechanical solution ensures that both magnification and image centering are maintained when returning to a specific configuration.

All of these features make these optical products perfect for all those on-line applications requiring frequent changes of format and high quality images provided by a same lens.

  • Perfect magnification consistancy
    no need of re-calibration, after zooming
  • Perfect parfocality
    no need of refocusing when changing magnification
  • Excellent image center stability
    each magnification maintains its FOV center
  • Full motorization control
    zoom magnification is set either manually or via software

Take a look at the MCZR datasheet or call us for further information.

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