Introducing PEKAT VISION Software for Industrial Visual Inspection

Multipix are happy to announce a new partnership with PEKAT VISION, assisting OEM’s and Vision Solution Providers in finding the right software solution for your machine vision application

The Czech Republic based PEKAT are developing software specifically to tackle the imperfections of physical objects with high-end AI. PEKAT VISION is a comprehensive set of tools that can tackle practically any vision task in manufacturing, with an easy-to-use GUI that allows easy use for any industrial visual inspection based application.



With its user-friendly interface PEKAT VISION is the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use to make Deep Learning work in your application:
  • Unsupervised anomaly detector – Train classifiers using under positive 20 examples. Capable of inspecting stable objects as well as those with deformed and/or patterned surfaces
  • Supervised surface check –  A function specifically designed to find defects on completely heterogeneous surfaces, such as rust, abrasion or leakage
  • Auto sensitivity – An extended part of the anomaly detection module, this determines the best sensitivity value to help find the border between a ‘good’ product and defective product
  • Object detector and classifier – find objects with non-uniform shapes regardless of orientation, for example knots on wood
  • Auto-Trigger – Automatically capture images in the right moment without any necessary integration with the machine or assembly line
  • Unifier – When objects need to be rotated for inspection or are different across multiple images the unifier function normalises the position and rotation across them for easier further processing
  • Preprocess module – This tool allows for easy image editing before the next processing. It allows rotation, cropping, scaling, and background normalisation
  • Statistics – Calculate how successful the application evaluates the image, giving you false positive and false negative rates so you can tweak the sensitivity if needed

PEKAT VISION comes in a Light or Premium version depending on how complex your application is, and also supports embedded devices such as the NVIDIA Jetson series.

Contact us today to learn more about how PEKAT VISION can assist your vision application.

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