Photoneo certified by Universal Robots

Photoneo gain further recognition as they become certified by Universal Robots, one of the leading brands in production of industrial robots.

Photoneo’s success to date has seen them win many awards for their 3D cameras utilising their own patented technology, ‘Parallel Structured Light’.

Their Bin Picking Solution, utilising their award winning PhoXi 3D scanner and Locator Software gives the eyes and brains to a robot. In the form of their latest 3D camera technology and deep learning software, the Solution is able to identify not only what has happened based on a past experience but to then predict what may happen in the future.

This bin-picking application is a master piece in the pick and placing of a small metal part. Taking a 7-second cycle time to select each object from a big scanning volume loaded with 10,000 parts.

Congratulations on your Universal Robots certification Photoneo!!