> 6K Pixel cameras

  • Basler Racer

    basler racer linescan camera Basler Racer

    High performance thanks to the brilliant
    CMOS technology, together with superb
    pricing make the Racer the ideal choice.

    • 8k @ Max. line rate 12kHz
    • 12k @ Max. line rate 8kHz
    • monochrome, 7 µm x 7 µm pixels
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  • Basler Sprint

    Basler Sprint

    Basler developed CMOS sensor. Perfectly
    suited for applications that require
    high speed and outstanding sensitivity.

    • 8k @ Max. line rate of 70kHz(mono)
    • Dual line 2xpixels, 10µm x 10µm
    • monochrome and colour
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  • Imperx
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  • Basler