• Prophotonix Lotus

    Prophotonix Lotus

    Compact, robust LED line/bar light with integrated intensity control using the latest Power LED technology.  Up to 200k Lux. Available in any length to 5 meters in 100mm increments. 5 year lifetime with maintenance free operation.

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  • Moritex MG-Wave Barlights

    Moritex MG-Wave Barlights

    MG-Wave MBRL Series current driven LED barlights for maximum performance.
    Optional diffusers and polarisers available.
    Colours: Red, White, Green, Blue, IR&UV

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  • Moritex CompaVis Barlights

    Moritex CompaVis Barlights

    The Schott CompaVis CV Series comprises various ranges of LED Barlights/Square Bar lighting for direct brightfield, optimal oblique darkfield lighting applications.
    Colours: Red, White & Blue. 24v DC

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  • IMAC IDBA Series

    IMAC IDBA Series

    IDBA series LED diffuse barlights. General purpose lights for use from oblique lighting to backlighting.

    • New high intensity 635nm versions now available.
    • 12VDC & 24VDC versions
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  • DCM PLU/PLD Series

    DCM PLU/PLD Series

    LED barlights, standard and high intensity models producing great contrast and texture when illuminating small surface features:
    PLD Series – diffuse series
    PLU Series – ultra diffuse series

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  • Euresys
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