• Moritex MG-Wave Domelights

    Moritex MG-Wave Domelights

    2 series of constant current dome lights including the MSDC series with very high intensity LEDs and diameters up to 360mm and the MDML series of glowing reflector type dome lights producing very uniform output.

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  • IMAC Domelights

    IMAC Domelights

    5 different series of domelights including:

    high intensity, compact,  reflective type, a ‘Magic’ semi-transparent model and a special ‘flat square’ dome that uses a special gauze to direct the light onto the object.

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  • Spectrum Illumination Oxy Lights

    Spectrum Illumination Oxy Lights
    • 6″x6″ and 12″x12″ available
    • White, Red & IR LED’s
    • Compact size
    • Quick disconnect
    • For use on shiny or uneven surfaces
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  • Spectrum Monster Domelights

    Spectrum Monster Domelights
    • 29.25” Monster Dome
    • 8 different colours
    • Quick disconnect
    • High Output HB LED’s
    • Din Rail mount driver
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  • DCM DOM Series

    DCM DOM Series

    The DOM series is series of dome lights including some very large units up to 516mm diameter. The DTL series transmits light uniformly through the dome, allowing excellent coverage of the object. Ideal for inspection of welds.

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  • DCM DTL Dome Series

    DCM DTL Dome Series

    Transmits light uniformly throughout the dome.

    Special designed for bright curved surfaces eliminating brightness and shadows.

    Ideal for inspection of welds.

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  • Euresys
  • Imperx
  • Basler
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • IO Industries
  • Moritex