• MPX-21×4 Embedded PC

    Embedded PC_MPX-21x4-GbE MPX-21×4 Embedded PC

    Intel® Celeron or Core i7 processors
    4xGige inputs ideal for GigeVision cameras
    Supports PCI-104 plug–in cards
    1xCFast Slot externally accessible
    4xCOM and 6xUSB ports

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  • MPX-6977 Embedded PC

    MPX-6977 Embedded PC

    Intel® Core™ i7 1.7GHz Processor
    Perfect for Gige and USB3.0 cameras
    2xGigE, 4xUSB3.0, 6xCOM, 2xUSB2.0
    CFast slot x 1
    PCI & PCIe x4 – expansion slot options

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