• Moritex CompaVis Coaxial Spotlights

    Moritex CompaVis Coaxial Spotlights
    • Fully compatible with MML series telecentric lenses
    • Colours in Red, Blue and White.
    • Compatible with MML lenses
    • Miniature design for small spaces
    • 24v DC
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  • Moritex MG-Wave Coaxial

    Moritex MG-Wave Coaxial

    These items deliver uniform simulated coaxial light.

    • Highly uniform pseudo-coaxial (on axis) lighting
    • Designed for use with telecentric MML Series and other lenses without built-in coaxial illumination
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  • IMAC On-Axis

    IMAC On-Axis

    5 series of on axis lights including:
    IFV/IFVH Series with prism/beam-splitter technology. IDH-180 Magic on-axis Dome Series. IFH Square Dome Series: Square & lightweight 8mm thick and IV/IHV/IHVB Coaxial Spot Series

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  • Spectrum Monster Diffused Axial

    Spectrum Monster Diffused Axial
    • 2” Compact size
    • 8 different colours
    • Quick disconnect
    • High Output HB LED’s
    • Din Rail mount drive
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  • DCM Coaxial

    DCM Coaxial

    3 series of on-axis coaxial lights: SAX Series: Eliminates highlights and shadows on shiny objects.
    SAC Compact Series of the above
    SAL 90 degree Coaxial Series: Ultra uniform and low profile.

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  • Imperx
  • Euresys
  • Moritex
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Basler
  • IO Industries