• Prophotonix SpecBright S Series

    Prophotonix SpecBright S Series

    Chip-on-board technology LED Spotlights comprising 4 high power chip-on-board LED’s – Extremely bright & compact.
    Voltage or current driven models that can be used continuously or strobed.

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  • Moritex MSPP Series

    Moritex MSPP Series

    Power LED, focusable spotlights with IP 67 rating. Ingress protection from dust and water, assures safe installation in harsh environments.
    2 different size models available
    Available in red and white

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  • Moritex CompaVis Coaxial Spotlights

    Moritex CompaVis Coaxial Spotlights
    • Fully compatible with MML series telecentric lenses
    • Colours in Red, Blue and White.
    • Compatible with MML lenses
    • Miniature design for small spaces
    • 24v DC
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  • IMAC Spotlights

    IMAC Spotlights

    Various power LED series including coaxial, adjustable, ultra-bright and replacement halogen types.
    IHV-FX100, IHV-SP, IHVB & IHSL series
    Colours red, white green, blue, IR&UV
    12VDC & 24VDC versions

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  • Spectrum Illumination Monster Spotlights

    Spectrum Illumination Monster Spotlights
    • Up to 5.5” spot
    • 8 different colours
    • Compact size
    • Quick disconnect
    • High Output HB LED’s
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  • DCM PRD Series

    DCM PRD Series

    High power LED projector
    PRD Series: Dot light producing a very focused amount of light in a small area. Used to produce great contrast and emphasise textures, relieves and fissures by producing shadows. 24VDC

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  • Moritex
  • IO Industries
  • Imperx
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Euresys
  • Basler