High-Performance AI GigE Vision Systems for the Edge with NVIDIA Quadro GPU

  • Pre-installed AI development component reduces testing and
    integration efforts thus accelerating time-to-market
  • Optimized hardware design and performance tuning for AI
    vision applications


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The ADLINK AI Plug-and-Play (PnP) Solution is a set of ADLINK AI edge hardware and data connectivity platforms that help our
partners build and deploy AI solutions faster and simpler. With ADLINK Data River™ enabled at AI edge platforms, devices, AI
inferences, and data integrations, the AI PnP Solution offers a crossplatform, flexible, scalable solution that delivers business value.

ADLINK AI Plug-and-Play (PnP) EOS-iX000 Series is designed for deep-learning inference AI GigE Vision Systems.

The pre-installed AI development component reduces testing and integration time,
saves personnel costs, and speeds up your time to market.

EOS-iX000 Series passed an extreme validation process to provide high reliability in power consumption, thermal control,
and compatibility; therefore, there is no need to worry about the integration of hardware and software.

The high-performance EOS-iX000 Series supports up to 2560 CUDA cores and provides
16GB GPU memory, thus being ideal for high-speed detection and classification applications with deep learning.

ADLINK provides optimized imaging hardware/firmware/software performance tuning based on 20-years’ expert experience in
machine vision, including image data transfer performance tuning between CPU to GPU collaboration, to find the best configuration
and provide best service.


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