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autoVimation Chameleon

  • Perfect for cameras with 90 degree viewing
  • High IP Protection Class
  • Vibration Proof

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The Chameleon S housing series offers protection for cameras with a sideways viewing direction, available with or without a lens tube. This allows the use of cameras with compact C-mount lenses. Inbuilt LEDs can usually be used if the distance to the front window is not too large. The same counts for the Chameleon L, that adjusts to lens and camera height with help of 4 different heights and the use of a lens tube if necessary.

In addition, autoVimation have also designed a protection enclosures for non-standard cameras based on the Chameleon series. The Chameleon XS is now available for Intel RealSense cameras module T265 in addition to the D415, D435, & D455. The housing restricts the field of view only very minimally and thus enables the use of these camera models both outdoors and in other critical locations that require all-round protection.

Thanks to a specially developed manufacturing process, window arrangements with short distances can now be achieved.