Basler ace L – USB3.0 Vision

Large 9 and 12 MP Sony Pregius CMOS sensors up to 1.1″

  • Up to 40 fps
  • High value-add features (e.g. PGI)
  • Outstanding price/performance
  • Mono/Colour, C/CS-Mount

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Basler ace L cameras come in a compact 40x30mm housing, offering resolutions of 9MP+ resolution

The ace L product line offers ace models with the high-resolution 9 and 12 MP sensors up to 1.1″ from the Sony Pregius series. The Basler ace L cameras also have the unique Feature Set PGI from Basler. PGI is a powerful in-camera feature set for image optimisation, developed by Basler. Offering brilliant image quality at speeds of up to 40fps.


Highlights of the ace L

  • Features the latest CMOS sensor technology
  • State-of-the-art sensors:
    • Sony Pregius: IMX series
  • Fast speeds of up to 40fps
  • Includes high value-add features (e.g. PGI)
  • GigE Vision 2.0 and USB3 Vision compliant
  • Outstanding price/performance
  • How many pixels do you need?

    What resolution camera you should use depends on your application. Consider the following;

    • What is my field of view?
    • What is the smallest object or defect I am trying to detect?
    • Do I want to measure or just detect or count objects?

    Many customers automatically assume they need megapixel resolution as this is a growing trend. In truth, megapixel is not always necessary which is why the ace cameras listed here are extremely popular.

    Why use a Basler ace camera from Multipix Imaging?
    • Every Basler camera is subjected to extensive optical and mechanical tests before shipping.
    • Time is taken to discuss your requirements and offer the best camera advice
    • You benefit from a UK sales and support team with extensive vision knowledge.
    • Advice on everything from illumination to the image processing software and application solutions.
    Applications for Basler ace

    Perfect for many inspection or visualisation tasks, here are some application examples where the ace cameras are being used today.

    • Quality Control for tasks such as defect detection, completeness checks, automatic product counting and measurement.
    • Production Control typical with colour inspection, print inspection and automatic product separation and selection.
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) often used in food and beverage package inspection for best for date and production print verification.


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