Basler Pilot

Based on four selected Kodak CCD’s & one Sony CCD sensor.

  • VGA-5MP offering up to 210fps
  • Input: 2 Output: 4 GigE
  • Calibrated for consistent performance
    and exceptional image quality

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The Basler pilot VGA camera uses the Truesense KAI-0340 CCD sensor, offering excellent image performance.

High Speed Camera

The piA640-210gc/gm is a speedy 210 frame per second at VGA resolution , with a GigE Vision interface which supports reliable image transfer over cable lengths of up to 100metres using Cat6e cabling.

Benefits of GigE Vision

Gigabit Ethernet offers the widest technological flexibility with regard to bandwidth, cable length, and multi-camera functionality.

It is the right choice for data rates of up to 100 MB/s and it makes complex setups with several cameras very simple.

High degree of standardisation is provided by the Gigabit Ethernet and GigE Vision standards

Basler pilot industrial camera highlights
  • Monochrome (gm) or Colour (gc) versions
  • 8/12bit
  • Up to 100metre cable lengths
  • EMVA 1288 reports available
  • 100% quality checked and calibrated for consistent performance
Easy software integration

To assist camera integration, Basler have developed the pylon camera software suite which is based on the GenICam Technology.

GenICam ensures easy access to new cameras and features from a common platform. This helps developers to create a plug-and-play camera interface application for total flexibility.

Where to use a Basler Pilot machine vision camera
  • Medical Imaging – including X ray imaging, endoscope cameras, micro cameras and other video cameras for medical applications.
  • Aerospace and Military – aerial imaging, spacecraft camera deployment, surveillance and security
  • Traffic and Transportation – number plate recognition, road inspection, rail inspection, motorway and access monitoring.
  • Industrial Manufacturing/Automation Inspection – soldering , electronic components, measurements , silicon wafer , PCB , X-ray etc.

GigE Vision

  • Power over Ethernet Single Port Injector
  • 12V/DC Power Supply with HRS 12pin connector
  • 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fibre SFP
  • PCIe Express GigE dualport Card
  • Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop,PCI,Single Port
  • Power- I/O Cable, HRS 12p, open, twisted pair, 3m or 10m
  • GigE CAT6 cables
  • Tripod Mounts



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