Basler Pylon 5

The pylon camera software suite is a software package comprised of an easy-to-use SDK (Software development kit) and drivers and tools that you can use to operate any Basler camera using a Windows or Linux PC.


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The Pylon camera software suite is a software package comprised of an easy-to-use SDK (Software development kit) of drivers and tools that you can use to operate any Basler camera using a Windows or Linux PC. With the Pylon 5 camera software suite Basler is the first camera manufacturer to provide software that uses the new GenICam 3 technology.

It offers unrestricted access to the latest camera models and features. Basler Pylon supports GigE Vision, IEEE 1394, Camera Link and the new USB3 Vision Standard. The programming interface on Pylon can work with a wide range of camera interfaces, this allows existing programming code to be used without any modification for Basler USB3.0 cameras as well. Basler pylon 5 supports current Windows versions up to Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit).

Faster: Thanks to GenICam 3, cameras now open about 4 times as fast as in the previous GenICam versions.

Smaller: GenICam 3 requires only about half as much memory in comparison with previous GenICam versions.

Both features are especially advantageous in systems with less performance. The new standard is also extensively backward compatible; no or only slight code modification of the existing software is necessary and even older Basler cameras profit from these innovations in pylon.

Simpler: With pylon 5, Basler introduces a new setup concept. Even inexperienced users can correctly install pylon with a few clicks for each respective purpose. Thanks to the new possibility of simple copy deployment programs generated with the pylon SDK can be delivered to the end user as easy as never before. Thus pylon can be installed without conflict with machine vision software packages from other manufacturers based on GenICam technology.

Overview of Pylon 5’s features…

The pylon SDK

The pylon SDK is user friendly to help you develop your own camera applications. Just a few lines of code are all that’s needed to configure the camera, capture images and save them to the PC’s hard drive.

Extensive documentation and a wealth of sample programs for all typical camera applications in all supported programming languages (C, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc) provides a critical boost into application development.

USB 3.0 Bandwidth Manager

This simple tool enables you to check whether your USB 3.0 camera reliably delivers all images to your application (such as the pylon Viewer) at the specified bandwidth settings. In this way you can optimise your USB 3.0 setup in terms of maximum image data throughput and reliability. The load from image data transfer can be calibrated for each USB 3.0 camera connected so that all cameras can transmit their image data without errors using the maximum bandwidth available.

pylon Viewer Recording Feature

Beyond providing a method to record the camera live view as a video file in various compressed or uncompressed formats, this function also makes it possible to record sequences of still shots in various formats on your PC’s hard drive, either as an AVI file (with or without compression) or as a slide show of individual shots. Furthermore the recording speed can be varied to create time-lapse videos.

pylon USB Configurator

The USB Configurator is a tool that delivers detailed information about the USB topology, highlights potential bandwidth limitations and can even repair incorrect driver assignments with one single click. Another benefit of the USB Configurator is its knack for detecting user error, such as when the USB 3.0 camera is connected to a USB 2.0 port.

Automatic Adjust Image Function

Another attractive feature is the new Automatic Adjust Image button in the pylon Viewer. A single click on this button triggers automatic configuration of the selected camera to its environment in terms of colour and brightness.

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