Time-of-flight 3D camera with integrated 2D sensor

  • IP 42 Housing
  • 352 x 287 Pixel ToF
  • 5 MP 2D CMOS
  • Quad Core Cortex A9 CPU
  • FoV 80°
  • Range 10m Indoor / 3m Outdoor
  • Gigabit Ethernet

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Time-of-Flight 3D camera with 2D sensor

The BECOM Argos3D – P330 is a high resolution depth sensor combined with a 2D CMOS sensor.

The smart depth sensor IC delivers depth information and grey value image data for over 100.000 Pixels simultaneously. An integrated additional 2D CMOS imager captures scenes with a resolution of up to 720p. Therefore, it´s possible to analyse scenes based on 3D depth data only or in combination with 2D data. The actual coverage is more than 10 m indoor and up to 3 m outdoor with a field of view of 80°. A 2D and 3D data stream is provided by a Gigabit Ethernet interface which also has a PoE functionality.

P331/P332 are options of the P330, which are without the 2D colour sensor or without PoE++ capabilities respectively. Built to order.


CPU i.MX6 Quad
RAM 2 x GByte DDR3
Flash 4 x GByte eMMC
General Information
FPS 40 fps (3D depends on configuration)
Application Range 10 m Indoor
Cooling Passive
Temperature Range 50 °C
Width 200 mm
Height 200 mm
Depth 62 mm
Protection Class IP42
FPS 40 fps (2D depends on config.)
Optical Information
Depth Sensing Technology Time of Flight (ToF)
Sensor Name Infineon IRS1125
Resolution 352 Pixel
Resolution 287 Pixel
FoV 80 °
Illumination Active IR 850nm
Imager OV5640 (CMOS)
# LEDs 16 x Laser based
Frameworks MATLAB(R)
Frameworks MetriCam
Frameworks Halcon
Communication 1 x ETH (Gbit/s ) , 1 x RS232 , 1 x RS485
Control 4 x Open Collector Outputs , 2 x  Inputs
Debug Interface 1 x UART (Debug)
I/O 1 x Trigger In , 1 x Trigger Out


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  • MultiPix Imaging Components Ltd
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