Close Up Diopters

A range of close up diopters that alter the infinity focus of a given lens to a distance much closer – they screw onto the end of the lens like a filter.

Available for the following distances
1000mm, 500mm, 333mm & 250mm

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Close up diopters change the infinity focus of a lens to a distance much closer. They are effectively an additional lens element that is screwed onto the end of the lens – very much like a filter. They need to be the same diameter as the end of the lens.

The power of a diopter is given as a number which is the reciprocal of its focal point in metres. Thus a +3 diopter focuses at 1/3m and a +2 diopter focuses at 1/2m and so on. Diopters can be stacked together so that a +2 and +3 together produce a +5 and focus at 1/5m.

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Machine Vision Lenses

Multipix supply a large and varied selection of lensing from manufacturers such as, Ricoh (Pentax), Kowa, Moritex, Basler, Computar and many more.

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Part 1: Introduction to Machine Vision

Multipix are far from the stereotypical ‘box-shifting’ distributor. Supplying and supporting machine vision components successfully requires in-depth technical know-how and real-world applications experience. The three Directors are the owners of this privately held company

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