DCM Ringlights

Various ranges of LED ringlights for general purpose, low angle, darkfield and shadowless applications.
Colours: UV, Blue, Green, Red,
IR & White.
24V DC

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ALB Direct Series: High-powered LEDs, designed with iBlueDrive technology for illuminating from the camera axis the non-reflective objects.

ALD High Power Series: These systems are used to light from camera axis. They provide a huge amount of light from a distant point so can be used to light from a further distance than those of use diffuse light. Designed to stand out shadows, textures and edges.

ALW Low Angle Series: Light is emitted towards the center of the ring system with a small inclination, which makes the lighting be uniform and avoids brightness while allowing the highlighting of edges, cracks and deep cavities.

ALS Diffuse Series: Provide an ideal frontal diffuse light to obtain great contrast and uniformity.

ALU Very Diffuse Series: Providing a diffuse and uniform frontal light, ideal to obtain contrast and uniformity in order to inspect brightly or specular shining objects. Eliminates brightness and shadows.

DKL Darkfield Series: Generally used to illuminate objects from camera axis with a small angle, emphasising small cracks, lines and reliefs of the piece to be inspected and also eliminating the brightness and shadows.

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Part 7: Machine Vision Lighting

Without good lighting your vision system will never see anything! Therefore identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection solution is vital to the success on the solution.

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Machine Vision Lenses

Multipix supply a large and varied selection of lensing from manufacturers such as, Ricoh (Pentax), Kowa, Moritex, Basler, Computar and many more.

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