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Euresys Coaxlink QSFP+

Euresys Coaxlink QSFP+ Four-connection CoaXPress-over-Fiber frame grabber

  • One QSFP+ port compliant with 40 Gbps optical modules
  • 5,000 MB/s camera bandwidth
  • PCIe 3.0 (Gen 3) x8 bus: 6,700 MB/s bus bandwidth
  • Feature-rich set of 20 digital I/O lines

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Euresys Coaxlink QSFP+ Four-connection CoaXPress-over-Fiber frame grabber

What is CoaXPress-over-Fiber?

CoaXPress-over-Fiber is a light but significant extension of the existing CoaXPress specification to support transport over fiber optics.

CoaXPress (CXP) is the de-facto standard for high-bandwidth computer vision applications. CoaXPress 2.0, the latest version of the specification, specifies the CXP-12 speed, a 12.5 Gbps (Gigabit per second) link over a coaxial copper cable. As link aggregation is common with CoaXPress, bandwidths of 50 Gbps (12.5 x 4) are easily achievable with four CXP-12 links.


What are the benefits of using CoaXPress-over-Fiber for my application?

  • Ultra-high data/frame rates
  • Many accessory and cabling options to cover any length requirement
  • Low CPU overhead, low latency, low jitter image acquisition
  • Highest camera count per PC performance
  • Very competitive cost/performance ratio
  • Wide industry acceptance due to JIIA and IEEE standardisation

What are the pros and cons of using fiber optics?


  • First and foremost, cable length is not an issue anymore as fiber connectivity is basically not limited in length.
  • Fiber optics provide more bandwidth, as connectivity at 10 and 25 Gbps per fiber is standard today and widely used in data centers.
  • Fiber optics are immune to electrical noise, which will be a significant advantage on the production floor in and some medical applications.
  • Fiber optics are lighter and smaller in size than the equivalent copper cabling, making it appropriate for applications where this characteristic is essential, like in aircrafts or vehicles.


  • There is no “power over fiber”. As signals in fiber optics are transmitted using light, there is no way to transfer power over fiber optics and devices such as cameras must be powered separately.

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