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Euresys Grablink Full XR

For high-speed , high resolution cameras. eXtended Reach supports long cable lengths – double the norm.

  • 1 x Base, Medium, Full or DECA input
  • PoCL SafePower compliant
  • Line-scan and area-scan cameras

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The Grablink Full XR – where XR stands for eXtended Reach – is a CameraLink frame grabber for single Camera Link camera applications featuring ECCO+. In most cases, ECCO+ allows the Grablink Full XR users to double the maximum length of the Camera Link cables used, thus making the use of a repeater unnecessary. In addition, the Grablink Full XR supports the 80-bit, Full, Medium and Base Camera Link configurations, it is compliant with PoCL SafePower, and it features a comprehensive set of robust I/O lines.

  • Featuring ECCO+ for Extended reach and speed
  • 1 Full, Medium or Base Camera Link input
  • Supports 10-tap configuration cameras.
  • On-board processing – LUTs, Bayer CFA decoder
  • Fully featured multiple I/O lines per camera input
  • Trigger, strobe or quadrature encoder input lines.
  • PCIe x4, full-height, half-length
  • MultiCam drivers for Microsoft Windows and Linux (32 and 64bit)

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