Euresys Grablink Full

For high-speed , high resolution cameras

  • 1 x Base, Medium, Full or DECA input
  • PoCL SafePower compliant
  • Line-scan and area-scan cameras
  • Mini Camera Link® SDR connector


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Euresys GrabLink FULL supports one Base, Medium or Full configuration (including 10-tap) camera. The Grablink Full features onboard processing, such as LUTs and a Bayer CFA decoder, in addition to a rich set of IO lines compatible with a wide range of sensors and encoders, and a 4-lane PCI Express bus. This high end acquisition board targets highspeed and high resolution areascan and linescan applications such as printing, web and flat panel display inspection, 3D inspection and manufacturing inspection for fast production lines.

Now with ECCO, Extended Camera Link Cable Operation, operating with 30% longer cables and achieving 30% higher speed.

  • 1 Full, Medium or Base Camera Link input
  • Supports 10-tap configuration cameras.
  • On-board processing – LUTs, Bayer CFA decoder
  • Fully featured multiple I/O lines per camera input
  • Trigger, strobe or quadrature encoder input lines.
  • PCIe x4, full-height, half-length
  • MultiCam drivers for Microsoft Windows and Linux (32 and 64bit)
  • CameraLink Cables – Various configurations
  • MultiCam Software Development Kit


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