Euresys Picolo Pro 2 PCIe


Designed for entry-level video surveillance applications.

  • Quick switching between up to 4 cameras with a superior frame rate


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Euresys Picolo Pro 2 PCIe is a single video digitiser supporting acquisition up to 4 composite video signals, quick switching for superior frame rate, high image quality and optimised for video surveillance. Ultra-performance features to empower security applications or industrial applications such as quality control and production monitoring.

  • One camera in real-time capture
  • Quick switching between up to 4 cameras with a superior frame rate
  • Video standards: Colour (PAL, NTSC), Monochrome (CCIR, EIA)
  • Frame, field, CIF, QCIF and custom image formats
  • Image adjustments such as video contrast and brightness
  • MultiCam SDK and drivers for full application development
  • PCIe x1 format
  • BNC to BNC cables
  • S-Video Cables
  • MultiCam SDK

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