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FLI Colour Filter Wheels

Each wheel is precision engineered with no-slip drive chain & stepper motor. FLI Zero Tilt Adapter eliminates tilted components, marred adapters, or wobbly interfaces!

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FLI’s colour filter wheel’s robust mechanical design provides the basis for stunning, uncompromising images.

Each FLI colour filter wheel is precision engineered with a highly accurate no-slip drive chain and stepper motor. The large diameter pivot pin and bushings are precision ground and matched for smooth, quiet no-fuss operation night after night. FLI colour filter wheels do not use internal lights for homing, so your images are protected from stray light interference.

FLI’s proprietary Zero Tilt Adapter (ZTA) – Featured in the FLI Colour Filter Wheel, the ZTA is an FLI adapter design that eliminates the common deficiencies found in most astronomical adapters. When you use the ZTA you will never experience tilted components, marred adapters, or wobbly interfaces!

The ZTA adapter system employs a circular spring that evenly distributes the pressure of three set screws against the ZTA dovetailed surface. The resulting clamping force between the two machined surfaces results in zero tilt, zero adapter marring and a complete elimination of problems associated with loose connections. The ZTA adapter can be machined to fit nearly any type of camera, colour filter wheel or telescope.

Multi-Step Filter Retainer – FLI’s exclusive multi step Filter Retainer allows the use of ALL square filter thicknesses on the CFW-5-7 and CFW-3-20 Colour Filter Wheels.