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GENESI GEVXD Multispectral Bar Light

Bar lights specifically designed for SWIR Machine Vision Cameras, with a wide range of lengths available.

Up to 12 different programable wavelengths.


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SWIR GEVXD12 Linear Light

Illuminators for linear or matrix cameras with SWIR wavelength from 980 to 1650 nm. From 1 to 4 independent channels, power LEDs in a single lamp. Length from 20 to 600 cm, IP54 standard model, IP65 custom model.

Useful for vision systems with linear cameras (using 5° polycarbonate lens); Useful for vision systems with matrix cameras (using 5° polycarbonate lens or without it, to have a 40° beam angle); Single wavelength ignition from 0 to 100% or simultaneous ignition of all 12 wavelengths; GEVXD28 (basic model) dimensions: 280X60X35 mm; Modular model: up to 8 boards on the same bar (up to 214 cm); – Including USB/485 Converter and pc software.


Useful in all the prototype machineries where it is necessary to understand which is the most suitable lighting for a particular object, with a single illuminator:

  • Useful in all the production machineries that analyze of different products on a single line, since with a single illuminator it is possible to have up to 12 different wavelengths.
  • Useful in analysis laboratories where it is necessary to highlight material samples using particular wavelengths.

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Part 7: Machine Vision Lighting

Without good lighting your vision system will never see anything! Therefore identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection solution is vital to the success on the solution.

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Xenics Multipix Bobcat

Xenics Bobcat 640

The Xenics Bobcat 640 series is a compact, low powered SWIR camera based on temperature stabilised InGaAs detector.• Low noise, low dark current • CameraLink or GigE Vision interfacing options • Versatility with gain modes

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