HIKrobot CI Long Wave Infrared Camera
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HIKrobot CI

HIKrobot CI Long Wave Infrared Industrial Cameras

  • 50fps @640 x 512
  • High-sensitivity
  • 640 x 512 resolution
  • 15mm focal length

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HIKrobot CI Long Wave Infrared Camera

Rich functions, suitable for industrial scenarios.

The CI camera adopts high-sensitivity Vanadium Oxide uncooled detector with a response band of 8-14µm, which can visualize temperature information and measure the temperature characteristics of objects. Can meet the new application needs in New Energy, Auto Parts, Electronic Semiconductors and other industries.

Support multiple trigger modes and event outputs, can be flexibly applied to various scenarios.




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Infrared Imaging

Infra-red imaging is beyond the visible spectrum, starting about 800nm and extending beyond. Humans cannot see these wavelengths but they do reveal interesting and often very important data. But to see or image this, it is necessary to use special sensor/camera technology.

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Thermal Imaging checks condition & performance of Cement Kiln

Today, it’s impossible to imagine the building industry without cement. As an important component of masonry mortar and concrete, the manufacturing of and use of cement products make cement one of the most valuable and useful mineral products in the world.  Cement production is a complex process, in which one of the steps consists of blending limestone –... Read more »

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