HIKrobot CL GigE Vision

HIKrobot CL line scan cameras that are rich in feature and performance

  • CMOS including latest Gpixel sensors
  • 2k, 4k & 8k resolution
  • Colour and Monochrome
  • Up to 80kHz line rate (compression mode)
  • GigE Vision and GENICAM compliant
  • 3 year warranty

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HIKrobot CL Linescan GigE Vision Camera

Outstanding price/performance

High quality and exceptional performance levels combined with competitive pricing; The HIKrobot CL Linescan camera series is providing many vision professionals with the camera solution they long for when the application requires linescan technology with rich features.

Key Features
  • High performance CMOS linear sensors
  • Adjustment of gain; exposure time and exposure control for synchronisation with the web
  • Supports a variety of trigger options; hardware trigger, software trigger and free run mode
  • Excellent image quality with PRNU and FPN correction
  • Multiple ISP algorithms which ensure the optimal image quality at all times
  • Compatible with GigEVision protocol and GenICam standard and can be seamlessly connected to third-party
    software platforms such as Euresys Open eVision and MVTec HALCON
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certification
  • 3 year warranty

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Why use a HIKrobot CL Linescan camera from Multipix Imaging?
  • Multipix have an extensive HIK range available for evaluation
  • Time is taken to discuss your requirements and offer the best camera technology advice for your application.
  • You benefit from a UK sales and support team with extensive vision knowledge of line scan applications.
  • Advice on everything from illumination to the image processing software
Applications for HIKrobot CL Linescan Cameras

Perfect for many inspection or visualisation tasks, here are some application examples where the HIKrobot Linescan cameras are being used today.

  • Quality Control in Factory Automation for tasks such as defect detection, completeness checks, automatic product counting and measurement.
  • Production Control in Factory Automation such as colour inspection/print inspection and product separation and selection.
  • Particularly suitable for applications where there is a continuous web product for example like paper and textiles. Also great for inspecting large objects.


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