Leimac Backlights

Backlight technology for every occasion or inspection task!

  • Edge and chip matrix based lighting options
  • Providing very high uniformity and/or high intensity
  • Red, white, blue, green and IR

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A complete range of backlight technology, providing solutions for numerous inspection tasks.

IFLA   Thin, uniform, flat-surface lighting with low power consumption.

IFL   Ultra Thin Series: Edge light. Thin, uniform, light emission with low power consumption and low heat generation.

IHM   High Intensity Series: Chip type transmissive lighting solution that delivers high output at an affordable price in a lightweight package.

IDHM   Chip Type: Highly uniform , high-intensity thin-surface light.

IFPA   Large Area Series: Realux large flat-surface light. Large uniform surface lighting.

IFPD-A   Large Area with Two aperture sizes, ?35mm and ?55mm, available in the centre for camera/lens positioning

IFD   Ideal for replacing fluorescent backlights Large surface illumination, high uniformity and a standard product range from A4 to A1 sizes.

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Part 7: Machine Vision Lighting

Without good lighting your vision system will never see anything! Therefore identifying the correct lighting technique to use within an inspection solution is vital to the success on the solution.

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Part 1: Introduction to Machine Vision

Multipix are far from the stereotypical ‘box-shifting’ distributor. Supplying and supporting machine vision components successfully requires in-depth technical know-how and real-world applications experience. The three Directors are the owners of this privately held company

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