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Leimac Linelights

Extensive range of LED line lights covering most requirements. Options include;

  • Compact / Slim
  • Super bright, over 1million lux
  • Low cost
  • Forced air and natural air cooling
  • See description for series information

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IDBB-LSRH: Naturally cooled 1,000,000 lux lighting for line cameras featuring top-class intensity, ideal for surface scratch and edge inspection

IDBB-LSRA  Phenomenal brightness 600,000 lux Brimax Line Light

IDBB-LSRS  Spacing saving slim line light

IDDB-LSRC  Achieving compactness with high intensity and uniformity

IDBB-LSRF  Brightest for the most demanding applications; Forced air cooling system enables excellent output power over 1,000,000lx

IDBA-RK  Low cost high performance – great fluorescent replacement

IDBA-RE  Briback line light in 100mm sections

IQDH-RE Half-Pipe line light for line scan cameras that can be used for long lengths – uniform illumination reducing shadow and reflections


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