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Leimac Ringlights

Exceptional range of LED ringlights in various formats covering;

  • general purpose
  • low angle
  • darkfield
  • shadowless applications.
    Colours: UV (365&400nm), blue, green, Yellow (590nm), Red (660&635nm), IR (850nm) & White. 12V and 24V options

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IDR Series: General purpose ring light for a diverse range of inspections.

IDR-LA Low angle Series: Suitable for edge detection and scratch inspection.

IDR-F Flat Series: LEDs are mounted on flat surface providing even, wide area illumination.

IDRA-T Darkfield Series: Highlights irregular surface profiles via horizontal illumination.

IHR-LE Long distance series: Long distance with vibration and shock resistant design.

IMAR-D Series: Multi-position ring light, available with IP67 rating and also 8-channel option for full control over illumination ring light segments.

IHRA NEO High Output series: High luminance, brighter than the average light.

IFR/IPR Shadowless series: Ideal for glossy and irregular surfaces.

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