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Imperx Bobcat – CameraLink

High-quality, low noise, CCD cameras.
Ideal for harsh environments.

  • Up to 260fps
  • Input: 2 Output: 2
  • Feature rich incl. lens iris control
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating

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Imperx Bobcat is a versatile range of industrial machine cameras ranging from VGA to 29MP resolution.

Bobcat is an advanced high-speed progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera designed for imaging applications that require high quality images with powerful features and flexibility.

Multipix Imaging offer a variety of CameraLink framegrabber cards from Euresys and Imperx , along with cables, so easing the integration for our customers.

The TRUESENSE Sparse Colour Filter Pattern (Sparse CFA) is a four-channel alternative for obtaining full-colour images from a single image sensor. Learn More

Image Processing for best image quality

The camera has internal image processing. The feature set includes;

  • Hot pixel and defective pixel correction
  • Auto gain and auto exposure control
  • Auto white balance
  • Two look up tables (dynamic transfer function correction) with pre-built programmable corrections for gamma and knee-point corrections.
MIL SPEC 810F industrial camera

Bobcats use industrial grade components assuring dependable use with an extended temperature range of -40ÀöC to +85ÀöC and shock/vibration performance of >1000G/100G. The IMPERX design is a MIL SPEC 810F product and has a certification of MTBF of > 660,000 hours @ 40ÀöC (Telcordia SR-332).

Applications for Imperx Bobcats

Examples of where to use industrial machine vision cameras;

  • Medical Imaging including inspection of tissue and cells, ophthalmological equipment and robotic surgery.
  • Traffic and Transportation such as number plate recognition, road inspection, rail inspection, motorway and access monitoring.
  • Industrial Manufacturing/Automation Inspection – soldering , electronic components, measurements, silicon wafer, PC, X-ray


  • Power supply, 12 V, 1.5 A
  • Tripod Mount
  • CameraLink cables in various lengths and configurations
  • Euresys GrabLink Express Frame grabber
  • Euresys GrabLink Dual Base Frame Grabber
  • 12V DC Power supply
  • PCIe Express GigE dualport Card
  • Intel Pro/1000 GT Desktop,PCI,Single Port
  • GigE CAT6 cables

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IMPERX Bobcats – built to meet demanding imaging requirements

The Bobcat cameras from IMPERX are perfect for the most demanding industrial vision application. They feature sensors ranging from VGA to 29 Megapixel CCDs from Sony and Truesense. Bobcat cameras include many programmable triggering and strobe options available from the 4 inputs and 2 outputs. The robust pre-processing engine includes features such as multiple ROIs,... Read more »

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Imperx Bobcat flexible option creates remote head camera

IMPERX Bobcat 2.0 “FLEX” camera architecture allows the internal boards to be separated by up to 10 inches for those awkward areas or space restricted applications. The FLEX is able to convert any of the 41 models of the Bobcat 2.0 CCD camera line into a high performance, remote head camera. This camera line ranges... Read more »

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