Imperx Cheetah – HD

This high performance industrial camera is available in 2 megapixel resolution.

  • Global or rolling shutter
  • Large 4.7-micron pixels for excellent image performance
  • Sony Pregius IMX Sensors

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The Imperx Cheetah CMOS camera series provides customers with the quality, versatility, and rugged durability needed to meet their most complex and demanding requirements. Featuring the finest CMOS sensor technology from On Semiconductor and Sony and advanced Imperx image processing, these cameras are ideal for industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace, transportation, and many other uses. An easy-to-use software configuration tool simplifies programming of camera settings and parameters.

Imperx CMOS cameras give you control over your imaging with a wide range of models, features, and programming options. Advanced CMOS technology and Imperx engineering expertise provision cameras with excellent uniformity for the highest levels of image quality, unique features like wide dynamic range, flexible trigger/strobe options, and a choice of Camera Link, USB3 (U3V), GigE Vision, and 3G-SDI interfaces.

Powerful camera features

Due to the unique feature set of the KAC sensors and Imperx’s extensive know-how this is one of the most flexible machine vision cameras available. Here’s are just a few highlights;

  • Global or rolling shutter
  • Large 4.7-micron pixels for excellent image performance
  • Excellent near infrared (NIR) sensitivity
  • Exceptional blooming suppression
  • Dual Video Capability
  • Independent resolution, gain, offset, pixel averaging, decimation, ROI and XDR
  • Seamless switching between frames
  • Manual, auto or triggered frame switching
Using an Imperx Cheetah industrial camera

Some examples of the capabilities of the Cheetah CMOS camera line:

  • Set one frame to average colour pixels 4:1 reducing a 3840 x 2160 area of interest down to 1080P at 30 fps, then capture full resolution frames upon trigger signal providing a low resolution video stream for contextual info and high resolution frames for analytics.
  • Set one frame to high sensitivity rolling shutter mode and one to wide dynamic range global then toggle between the frames and combine them in your software for the ultimate low noise wide dynamic range imagery.
  • Set up one frame as a low resolution video stream over the complete field of view, and define a smaller area of interest at full resolution in the second frame to easily track an object of interest.
  • Capture stunning 6 or 12 megapixel images, at high frame rates, for further processing such as medical imaging, industrial inspection , traffic and transport and so on.


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