Imperx VCE-CLEX02 ExpressCard / 34

Acquisition from a single Base Camera Link camera to your laptop. Advanced features include:

  • Look up tables, histograms
  • RGB gain/offset
  • Auto-white balance


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The FrameLink Express is a Camera Link frame grabber designed especially for ExpressCard laptops. It provides the functionality, performance and versatility required by today’s most demanding vision systems. The FrameLink Express is a highly versatile frame grabber capable of acquiring images from a Camera Link base camera. It features a flow-through pipeline architecture with an intelligent scatter/gather DMA engine providing over 235 Mbytes/s of throughput. A full software suite, including drivers, C/C++ SDK, and an application program, is provided with the card.

  • Supports one Base Camera Link interface.
  • ExpressCard/34 compliant providing 2.5 Gbps of bandwidth
  • Intelligent scatter/gather DMA (235 MBytes/sec) for fast, efficient use of ExpressCard bandwidth and system memory
  • Flow-through pipeline architecture for low latency
  • Built-in CC pulse generators
  • Many advanced features including lookup tables, histograms, RGB gain/offset with auto-white balance, hex pixel dump, etc.
  • Bayer pattern interpolation
  • Unique ‘auto-learn’ feature automatically recognizes camera parameters and simplifies CAM file creation
  • Plug-and-play operation with hot insertion/removal
  • Backwards compatible with FrameLink (PCMCIA) software


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